The Bus Ride

Nine-year-old Lilly, often left alone by her unfavorable parents, climbs the steps of the church bus and immediately finds a place in the hearts of Jeff and Jenny Singleton and Peter, the bus helper. She fondly calls him ‘Petah’ and becomes his shadow. Their friendship deepens over the next several years. When Lilly’s mother whisks her and her sisters away in the middle of the night, Lilly fears she will never see Peter, Jeff, or Jenny again. That fear is soon realized when her mother forbids her from ever contacting anyone from their small Tennessee town again. Lilly’s sudden disappearance breaks not only her heart, but the hearts of her church-bus friends as well.
Five years later, desiring to overcome her family’s less-than-reputable history, Lilly finds work as a waitress and enrolls at the local community college. She is more than shocked when she walks into her English class and discovers that Peter is the professor. He is just as surprised to see her.
The two have lunch and resume their relationship right where they left off five years earlier. After spending much time together outside of class, Lilly and Peter realize their feelings for each other now run deeper than mere friendship. But Peter’s girlfriend and the fact that he is her professor make beginning a romantic relationship difficult.
Jump on and take The Bus Ride with Peter and Lilly. Their captivating journey is sweet but not without its struggles.

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